Caravan Jargon & Terminology Explained – The Ultimate Caravan Glossary

Caravan jargon and terminology can be quite confusing for many of us, even for those who have been caravanning for years. Like, what does MTPLM actually mean and do I really need to know what it means? Well, to make it easier for us all we have created a caravan glossary to help simplify and […]

Caravan Layouts – Types Of Caravan Layouts

Are you new to caravanning or looking to upgrade your existing caravan but not sure what layouts are in the touring market? One of the most desirable things to consider when choosing a caravan is its layout. The berth can determine what layouts are available. For example, it is very rare to see a fixed […]

What To Look For When Buying A Used Caravan? The Caravan Buyers Guide

If you’re thinking of buying a second-hand caravan then I am sure there are lots of questions that you may have that need answering. Luckily we are here to answer a lot of them. So if you’re thinking what is the best caravan to buy? Where shall I buy one? is there anything I should […]

Why Should I Get A Caravan Service? Do I Need One?

Caravan Service Check Sheet

So you own a caravan but not sure whether to have a service or even if you need one at that. Well we’ll run through all the ins and outs of a caravan service, from what is included in a caravan service, how much it costs and what would happen if you didn’t have one. […]

How To Sell Your Caravan – The Ways Of Selling Your Caravan

So you’re looking to sell your caravan but not sure how to do it.  Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your existing caravan, wanting to get out of the industry or looking to sell that asset that has been on the driveway for years. Well look no further, as we will go through the different avenues […]

Should I Get a Caravan Cover? Are They a Good Idea?

So you have spent anywhere between £5,000 to £30,000+ on your caravan and like any investment you want to make sure you look after it the best you can. Just like a mobile phone you don’t want the screen to get damaged so you get a phone case and a screen protector. So why not […]

Why Is My Motor Mover Not Working?

Motor Mover Remote

When it comes to pitching or parking up your caravan a motor mover is a saving grace. Designed to make life easier by moving the van with a touch of a button, saving you from having to break your back moving it. Yet I’m sure that’s not why you’re here. Now and again motor movers […]