Why Should I Get A Caravan Service? Do I Need One?

Caravan Service Check Sheet

So you own a caravan but not sure whether to have a service or even if you need one at that. Well we’ll run through all the ins and outs of a caravan service, from what is included in a caravan service, how much it costs and what would happen if you didn’t have one. […]

Should I Get a Caravan Cover? Are They a Good Idea?

So you have spent anywhere between £5,000 to £30,000+ on your caravan and like any investment you want to make sure you look after it the best you can. Just like a mobile phone you don’t want the screen to get damaged so you get a phone case and a screen protector. So why not […]

Protect Your Caravan!

Protect your caravan..! At this cold and wet time of year the following is possibly in each and every caravanners mind. It is every caravan owner’s worst nightmare – unlocking their pride and joy after a period of storage only to be met with a musty smell and those dreaded black spots of mildew and […]

Taking Care Of Your Caravan

Caravans open up a world of new experiences, friendships and places to visit, and chances are that once you purchase one it will no doubt get lots of use, so it’s important that you know how to look after your caravan and keep it in good working order so that you can avoid a malfunction, […]

Preparing Your Caravan For The Season

We may be thinking that winter will never end, but honestly spring isn’t all that far away! So with that in mind it’s more than likely that your caravan will be coming out of hibernation and looking forward to another season on the open road. Here are some tips to ensure that both you and […]

Manage Damp and Mould

How to manage damp and mould in your caravan Being a caravan owner you may well have kept your pride and joy covered for the winter, but whilst the caravan is okay standing during the winter months it’s not actually free from the risk of mould and dampness on the mattresses and cushions. Grantham Caravans […]