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Free Caravan Valuation

The Quick Way To Find Out How Much A Caravan Is Worth

Looking To Sell Or Part Exchange? Or Maybe You Want To Buy One At The Right Price?

Get A Free Caravan Valuation Today.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your caravan, cash in your asset or looking at buying a caravan and don’t want to get mugged off, we are here to help.

Finding out how much your caravan is worth couldn’t get much easier. Just simply fill in the form below with the details of your caravan and we will send you an email telling you how much your caravan is worth. 

Everyone of our free valuations uses the industry used glasses guide. We will be able to provide you with a retail price, in case you wanted to sell it privately and a likely trade price if you were to part exchange or sell it to a caravan dealer / buyer.

Wanting To Sell? We'll Buy It

Ways You Can Sell With Grantham's

Quick Sell

If you're looking for quick cash and an instant cash buyer then contact us we can transfer you money over today - no hassle.

We Sell For You

Struggling to sell your caravan but want good money for it? We can sell your caravan for you.

Part Exchange

Seen a caravan you like and would like to use the assets you have to go towards the cost of a new one? Then part exchange your vehicle today.

Get a Free Caravan Valuation Today

This form is for the sole purpose of providing you with a valuation for your caravan. We do not pass any of data your data to any third parties.


    Is it really a free valuation?

    Yes, give it a go. Feel free to enquire through the contact form or give us a call. We will provide you an honest price for your caravan based on the industry standard Glasses Guide. 

    Why should I value my caravan?

    There are many benefits on why you should get a caravan valuation depending on what your intentions are.

    If you’re looking to sell you can see how much you could get for it. 

    And if you’re looking to buy a caravan you can see if you’re paying the right price and not paying over the odds.

    Will I get more for my money with my caravan accessories?

    Caravan accessories such as an awning or a motor mover doesn’t make your caravan more valuable. However, it does make it more saleable. From experience we know that having a motor mover is desirable however, it doesn’t add value to your caravan. 

    If I sell my caravan can you collect?

    Yes however, this is based on multiple factors including your location and whether it is even possible for you to drop your caravan off. 

    What Other Factors Determine My Valuation Price?

    There are several factors when providing a valuation, As mentioned we use an industry leading valuation tool called Glass’s Guide which provide us with an accurate valuation based on the current market conditions and its age. 

    However, this valuation is based on if the caravan is in good working order for a van of its age. There is also the factor of what condition it is in, does it have any damage? 

    Time of year can also be a factory depending on demand, and also the size of the van and layout can be a factor as 6 berths or fixed beds tend to be more desirable. 

    Is the price you give the price I'll get?

    This depends on what price. We will send you two prices on every valuation. The trade price is what we and other dealers would buy your caravan for. Although, depending on the caravan we do tend to bid higher if it is a caravan we want. 

    The retail price is what your caravan is worth if you should it retail but no guarantee on if you will get that price as it depends on if you find the right buyer.

    But again this also depends on if you provide all the details needed to provide a reliable valuation e.g make sure that you specify any damages.

    How Do You Provide A Valuation?

    A valuation is based on multiple things however, we use an independent valuation tool called Glass’s Guide. 

    Glass’s Guide is a leading industry tool where you can get an accurate valuation of your caravan. Glass’s Guide is used in many other industries such as, car, van, static caravans and even boats and has been used to provide accurate valuations since 1933.

    How long does it take to get my valuation?

    Almost instantly. We have a team who works behind the scenes who evaluates your caravans details and then provides you with an accurate valuation based on the details you’ve submitted.