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Caravan Bike Racks

Supply & Fit For £387.99

Prevent Damage. Superb Storage.

Caravan bike racks may not be as essential as they are with a motorhome, as many caravaners tend to use their car to store the bicycles or use a car bike rack. 

However, by having the joys of both car storage and a caravan bike rack, it opens up more possibilities of where to store you bike and when. 

You could have a bike rack on your car either mounted to the roof or on the boot of the car. Either way there are cons to this. One, is that roof mounted bike racks can cause damage to your car when taking the bike up and down. Two, with bike racks that are strapped to the back, most car bike racks don’t consider having a caravan being towed as well, so it can interfere with the jockey wheel. Lastly when you have bikes strapped to the back of the car it makes it harder to access the boot. 

So having a bike rack fitted to the back of the caravan prevents damage to your car and a great way to store the bikes without the need of having them in the car or in the caravan.

Many caravan manufacturers now already have ready-installed fixing points for a bike rack to be fitted but this doesn’t mean you can buy any bike rack and it will fit in place, it will need to be adjusted and cut to size. Most caravans manufactured over 10 years are most likely not going to have a bike rack point fitted and so will need to ensure that is safe to support a bike rack as most caravan manufacturers such as Lunar wouldn’t support a bike rack at the back.  

We supply and fit bike racks that are fitted perfectly to the back of the caravan at a  price of £387.99.

Why Get a Caravan Bike Rack?

Provides Great Outdoor Adventures

Caravanning is about getting back out into nature, and cycling is certainly a great way to experience it.

No Damage Occurred

Car bike racks increases the risk of damaging the car with scratches from the bike rack when lifting and removing the bikes on and off the bike rack.

increase Storage Space

Having a caravan bike rack is a great way to store those big bikes of yours. No need to leave them hanging around in the caravan or being cramped up in the car.

Why Grantham's

Why Us?

We provide an AWS approved caravan service and repair workshop.

All of our engineers are fully trained and qualified to the approved standards and with over 50 years combined experience we provide peace of mind that your caravan is in safe hands.

We have specialists for bodywork, interiors, electrics and much more making sure that we can provide the best service for our customers. 

Not only have we employed the best in the industry, our ethos is to put our customers first and our reviews provide merit to our quality service.

Our Process

On arrival on our site, our team will get you booked in (only a little bit of paperwork to do) and agree a collection date with you.  We ask you to take your caravan through into our drop off area, then once you’re unhooked, we send you on your way.

We get in touch to let you know the service is complete and on the day of collection, go through the operations of the service we have delivered. 

We also offer same day repairs and services based on the service you require. Please contact us to see how and when this is available to you. 

Enquire About Our Caravan Bike Racks


    Can my caravan have a bike rack fitted?

    Most modern caravan manufacturers build caravans with the bike rack fixings already installed as standard. In most cases, if the caravan is younger than 2015 and doesn’t have a bike rack on it, then it may be early signs that show that it isn’t suitable for a bike on the back. But remember this is just a rough guide. 

    To check if your caravan can have a caravan fitted then contact us today. Lunar caravans for example are most likely to be a no no.

    Does having a bike rack affect my insurance?

    Not necessarily but we would recommend contacting your insurance company to double check. 

    I have a fixings already fitted. Do I just need to buy a bike rack and hook it on?

    No, it isn’t that simple. Most caravan manufacturers put fixings on the caravan as standard on modern models. This doesn’t mean that any bike rack will fit. There is still some adjusting needed to be done and cut the bike rack down so it can fit on the fixings to the caravan.