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Swift Caravan Recall Checker

Identity Your Caravan’s Product Recalls And Get Them Fixed Free of Charge.

Don't Miss Your Product Recalls

Find out if your caravan manufacturer has recalled your caravan, part or accessory because of a safety problem.

If there is a recall on your caravan. or appliance then you will not usually have to pay for any repairs or parts.

If your caravan has a problem and you don’t identify that the issue is up for a recall then you could find yourself paying for the damages yourself when you take it for a caravan repair or service. 

Although, more importantly a recall that goes unnoticed could also lead to further damage to the caravan or more seriously, personal injury. 

If your vehicle has a serious safety defect, the manufacturer will write to you to tell you what to do but most of the time this doesn’t happen especially if it is a used caravan, as the manufacturer may not have details of ownership. 

And do not worry about your privacy. We will never share your data or information to any third-party. Your information will be used for the sole purpose to inform you that you have a product recall on your caravan. 

Caravan Product Recall

Don't Pay For Unnecessary Costs

Don' t pay for charges that you shouldn't have to pay for. Get your caravan issues rectified by the manufacturer free of charge.

Keep Your Family Safe

Have peace of mind that you and your family are safe and sound in your caravan.

Reduce Long Term Costs

Don't let uncompleted product recalls cause long term damage to your caravan.

Avoid Unwanted Breakdowns

Avoid future breakdowns in the future by ensuring that all product recalls are rectified

Just Some Of The Recent Technical & Recall Updates

Check If Your Caravan Is Up For A Recall

We will never share your data or information to any third-party. Your information will be used for the sole purpose to inform you that you have a product recall on your caravan. 

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    What happens if there is a recall on my caravan?

    If there is a product recall on your caravan you simply, jus book it in with an approved technician for that manufacturer. In our case we are Swift approved so we can fix any product recalls on your Swift caravan free of charge. 

    The manufacturer covers the cost. 

    Why hasn't the manufacturer told me?

    The reason why your manufacturer may not of told you is because they may not have your details. 

    Manufacturers tend to send emails out to their customers who have bought. new caravan but then as caravans get passed down or traded the communication from customer to manufacturers gets cut. 

    What if I don't get the product recall fixed?

    It is your choice whether to get your caravan recall amended. It is recommended that you do so as it could cause problems further on or it could also be a safety hazard. 

    It is important to notify these early as bigger problems could occur and you could find yourself paying for the damages caused by the recall. 

    Do I need to be under warranty to get a product recall fixed?

    No. All product recalls should be dealt with and you don’t need to be under any kind of warranty to get these fixed. In most instance a product recall need rectifying due to a safety concern.

    Where do I take it to get it amended?

    You can take your caravan to any dealer or technician who is approved by your caravans manufacturer. Before booking it in with any technician, check first that they are able to do the work before booking them in to fix it. 

    Shouldn't These Be Picked Up On A Caravan Service?

    They could get picked up on a caravan service depending on what the fault is. However, many technicians who pick these faults up don’t look to see if there is a recall and so you could find yourself paying for these faults rather than the manufacturer. Some technicians don’t have access to the Swift portal to see if your caravan has a product recall either. 

    Here are Grantham’s we do a recall check and are a Swift service centre so be sure that this will be picked up on your service.