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Free Caravan / Car Towcheck

Find Out If Your Car Can Tow A Caravan

Are you looking to purchase a caravan but not sure if your car can tow it?

Let us make it easy for you with our FREE car towcheck assessment.

Buying a caravan whether you’re starting up or upgrading you existing one can be an exciting experience. However, one of the first things to consider before browsing for that new caravan is whether it is possible for you to tow a caravan. Not just whether your licence allows you tow but also if the car has the capabilities to tow a vehicle. 

Not knowing your towing capabilities could mean that you’re towing a caravan illegally or even worse, towing dangerously. 

The rules on what you can tow depends on certain weight ratios and also when you passed your driving test. 

You can find some of your towing capabilities in your car manufacturers handbook but we can make this easy for you by highlighting exactly the type of caravan weight you could be tow.

Knowing your weights can drastically reduce your time browsing for a new caravan. We have seen customers shop for caravans to then get rejected at the last moment because the caravan is unsafe to tow with their existing car. This leads them to making a decision on whether they should change their car or opt for lightweight caravan.

Here at CaravansUK, we make it easy for you to find and understand your towing capabilities. Towing weights can sometimes be quite complicated so we break it down in simple terms for you so you are then set to find the perfect caravan with your current car.

All we require is a few contact details and your cars registration details, then wait for an email to drop in your inbox with your towing information. 

It couldn’t get any easier and safer. So fill in your details below and match your car with your perfect caravan safely and legally. 

And don’t worry about your privacy. We will never share your data or information to any third-party. Your information will be used for the sole purpose to provide you with your cars towing capabilities.

Your privacy is very important to us. We will never share your information with any third-party.

towchecks are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Fill In Your Details

Fill in the form below with your car registration number & contact information.

2. We'll Email You

Depending on your preferred choice of contact, we will either email or text you your cars towing capabilities and what type of caravan you should be looking for.

3. Find Your Perfect Caravan

You now have the information to find your new caravan.

Find Out What Your Car Can Tow

This form is for the sole purpose of providing you with your cars towing capabilities. We do not pass any of data your data to any third parties.

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