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Caravan Motor Mover

Move Your Caravan At Ease

Make life easier

Motor movers are a must have accessory when touring. It can always be a struggle to manhandle a caravan especially if your caravan is a twin axle. 

With motor movers they allow you to maneuver the caravan at ease, whether that be moving the caravan into a touring pitch, driveway, storage area or even hitching up – It surely makes life easier.

A caravan motor mover is powered by the leisure battery and is clamped to a caravans chassis and connect to rollers attached to the caravan wheels allowing you to control what direction a caravan goes in with a touch of a button.

We provide manual and auto engaged motor movers that are all supplied and fitted for as little as £795.

Enquire today with one of our AWS Approved engineers.

Why Get a Caravan Motor Mover?

Ease Of Manoeuvring

A motor mover makes life so much easier. Simply pitch up and control your caravans positioning with a touch of a button.

Longer Clutch Life.

With all the moving forwards and backwards with your caravan hitched up to your car it can take it out on your clutch. With a motor mover it doesn't just benefit your caravan it can benefit your car too.

Less Chance Of Damage

We've heard some horror stories in out time when moving caravans in to position. We've heard handles coming off, backs being pulled, plates smashing when yanking too hard. A motor mover can prevent all of this.

Little Maintenance

Other than a quick clean and the odd lubrication from time to time there is no maintenance to a motor mover. The only thing that will need maintaining which you should always do any is the leisure battery.

Prolong Your Caravanning Years

As your age goes uphill unfortunately our bodies go down and there may come a time where you start to consider to pack caravanning in. A motor mover can help preserve some more of those years.

Less Arguments, Less Divorces

Caravanning can only be stressful if you make it. Don't get those knickers in a twist, work smarter not harder.

Caravan Motor Mover Costs

Here are our costings for our eMove and Powrtouch motor movers...

emove Single Axle





Incl. VAT

emove Twin Axle

(All Wheel Drive)





Incl. VAT


(For Single Axle Up To 1,500kg)


Incl. VAT

Powrtouch Single Axle





Incl. VAT

Powrtouch Twin Axle





Incl. VAT

Powrtouch Twin Axle (AWD)

(All Wheel Drive)





Incl. VAT

Want a Price For A Motor Mover Swap?

What's Included?

Supply Of Motor Mover & Parts

Motor Mover Installation

5 Year Guarantee

Warranty Approved

We are an NCC Approved Workshop, meaning we can service your caravan or motorhome whilst it's still under manufacturer’s warranty.

Why Grantham's

Why Us?

We provide an AWS approved caravan service and repair workshop.

All of our engineers are fully trained and qualified to the approved standards and with over 50 years combined experience we provide peace of mind that your caravan is in safe hands.

We have specialists for bodywork, interiors, electrics and much more making sure that we can provide the best service for our customers. 

Not only have we employed the best in the industry, our ethos is to put our customers first and our reviews provide merit to our quality service.

Our Process

On arrival on our site, our team will get you booked in (only a little bit of paperwork to do) and agree a collection date with you.  We ask you to take your caravan through into our drop off area, then once you’re unhooked, we send you on your way.

We get in touch to let you know the service is complete and on the day of collection, go through the operations of the service we have delivered. 

We also offer same day repairs and services based on the service you require. Please contact us to see how and when this is available to you. 

Enquire About Our Motor Movers


    How do caravan motor movers work?

    A caravan motor mover is powered by the leisure battery and is clamped to a caravans chassis and connect to rollers attached to the caravan wheels allowing you to control what direction a caravan goes in with a touch of a button.

    There are two types of motor movers; manual or auto engaged. Manual motor movers work so that you have to manually move the rollers so they meet with the caravan wheels before operating. While auto engaged motor movers will engage with the caravan wheels with a click of a button.

    Can a motor mover take me over my tow limit?

    A motor mover could take you over your towing limit and must be considered when installing at motor mover. 

    A single axle manual motor mover can be anywhere around 30kg, so be aware.

    Contact us and we can assist you in finding what your tow limit is and if this affect your chances of having a motor mover. 

    Why should I get a motor mover?

    Motor movers are perfect for adjusting and maneuvering your caravan at ease. 

    It saves time pitching up and hitching up your caravan and most importantly it saves you from having to man handle your caravan in to position, preventing you from getting any injuries.  

    Does a motor mover increase my caravans value?

    No, a motor mover doesn’t increase the value of the caravan. 

    Although if you are looking to sell your caravan a motor mover is a good accessory to have when looking to sell to a buyer, as this can make the caravan more saleable. 

    Should I get a manual or an auto engaged motor mover?

    There are pros and cons to both manual and auto engaged motor movers. A manual motor mover will mean that you will have to manually move the rollers into place so they are engaged with the caravans tyres, although if you are used to putting the legs down on your caravan than this shouldn’t be a problem. 

    Auto engaged motor movers don’t require this manual process. You can click a button on the remote and the rollers on the motor mover will engage with the caravans tyres. The major con to this is if you have a run down leisure battery then you may find that the motor mover will be left on the caravans wheels and will have to use manual interventions to get this off. 

    It is worth noting manual and auto engaged only comes into play when getting the rollers to make contact with the caravans wheels, not when the motor mover is on operation.

    What is an all-wheel drive motor mover?

    An all-wheel drive motor mover only applies to twin axle caravans. All-wheel drive movers is a system that operates all four-wheels rather than just operating two-wheels.  This requires a mover on all four wheels of the caravan. 

    All-wheel drive movers are known for being more reliable at pulling a twin axle caravan and is highly recommended if the caravan is over 2,000kg.