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Caravan Solar Panels

Supply & Fit For As Little As £499

Save Money, Increase Battery Lifespan, Environmentally Friendly

Solar panels are a fantastic way to generate power to your caravan especially if your caravan is left alone for a long period of time. 

There are many items within the caravan that might run your leisure battery down and if run low enough it can cause the battery to deplete and cause you to get a new battery altogether.

One example is a caravan alarm / tracker. It is a must have when making your caravan safe and secure from thieves however, it can drain the battery and subsequently cause your alarm to no longer be active either if the battery eventually depletes. 

This is where a solar panel comes in. There are two benefits to a solar panel. One is keeping the leisure battery charged when using it off-grid, the other is maintaining the battery’s condition when it’s in storage or not being used.

We provide a 120w solar panel that is wired to your leisure battery at an amazing price of £499.

Caravan Solar Panel

Why Get a Caravan Solar Panel?

Environmentally Friendly

Not only do you get the added benefit of free electricity I'm sure we don't have to tell you the positives it has on the environment by generating power from mother nature.

Money Saver

Not only can you save money from having to replace your damaged leisure battery but you can save money from home electricity bills and even campsite fees for an electric hook-up. All you need is the sun and off you go.

Battery Lifespan & Charging

Not only do solar panels charge your battery but it also improves your battery's lifespan. Keeping your leisure battery at a high level of charge will keep it in good condition for longer. Especially if your caravan is left alone.

Unlock Freedom

A caravan is supposed to give you freedom to travel where you like but actually it could be holding you back if you don't have a solar panel. A solar panel enables you to go where ever you want, when ever you want without worrying about power.

No Maintenance

Once fitted you can forget. There is no maintenance to a caravan solar panel. Once you have paid for the initial investment there is. nothing more to do other than give it a good clean once in a while to keep its efficiency.

Why Grantham's

Why Us?

We provide an AWS approved caravan service and repair workshop.

All of our engineers are fully trained and qualified to the approved standards and with over 50 years combined experience we provide peace of mind that your caravan is in safe hands.

We have specialists for bodywork, interiors, electrics and much more making sure that we can provide the best service for our customers. 

Not only have we employed the best in the industry, our ethos is to put our customers first and our reviews provide merit to our quality service.

Our Process

On arrival on our site, our team will get you booked in (only a little bit of paperwork to do) and agree a collection date with you.  We ask you to take your caravan through into our drop off area, then once you’re unhooked, we send you on your way.

We get in touch to let you know the service is complete and on the day of collection, go through the operations of the service we have delivered. 

We also offer same day repairs and services based on the service you require. Please contact us to see how and when this is available to you. 

Enquire About Our Solar Panels

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    How do solar panels work on a caravan?

    The solar panel is fixed to the caravans roof. The solar panel is connected to leisure battery and trickle charges the battery where it conserves the energy generated from the solar panel until used via electrical appliances within the van.

    Why should I get a solar panel?

    Solar panels are a great investment with many benefits. It saves money on purchasing electric hook ups on campsites, it keeps your leisure battery in good condition and it gives you the freedom to go where ever you want without worrying about power.

    Does having solar panel lower my price of my insurance?

    Not necessarily but we would recommend contacting your insurance company to get this included within the policy.

    Do solar panels generate power in the dark winter periods?

    Solar panels work on light, not heat and more specifically daylight, not sunlight. So as much as you don’t get as much light within the summer period the solar panel still generates power. This is why solar panels are beneficial when maintaining a leisure batteries charge within the winter periods. 

    Should I just get a portable solar panel?

    There are pros and cons to a portable solar panel. 1 main advantage of a portable solar panel is that you can move them around to catch as much sunlight as possible as the sun moves across the sky.

    The disadvantages though are that you will have to keep moving it around to get any extra benefit from a fitted solar panel. You will need somewhere to store it as well when putting it away, and they aren’t the smallest of items. Setting up time and space, when setting it up it doesn’t just take time it also needs space to put the solar panel around the caravan. Finally, security can be an issue. You will need the caravan solar panel locked up with either a bike lock or something secure to prevent theft. 

    How many solar panels do I need on my caravan?

    It isn’t about how many solar panels you need, it is about how much wattage will do you use so you can work out what solar panel size is required. 

    To work out the wattage use you will need to make a list of all of your appliances wattages, then work out your daily appliance usage and then consider the usage within the seasons and when you will be using it. 

    Solar panels can vary from 40 watts to 120+. Commonly we tend to install 80 – 100 watt solar panels. Especially of the solar panel is only to be used to keep the battery in good condition during storage.