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Free Motorhome Valuation

The Quick Way To Find Out How Much A Motorhome Is Worth

Looking To Sell Or Part Exchange? Or Maybe You Want To Buy One At The Right Price?

Get A Free Motorhome Valuation Today.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your motorhome, cash in your asset or looking at buying a motorhome and don’t want to get mugged off, we are here to help.

Finding out how much your motorhome is worth couldn’t get much easier. Just simply fill in the form below with the details of your motorhome and we will send you an email telling you how much your RV is worth. 

Everyone of our valuations is monitored and evaluated by our experienced team of individuals who have been in the industry for over 25 years. We will be able to provide you with a retail price, in case you wanted to sell it privately and a likely trade price if you were to part exchange or sell it to a dealership / buyer.

Wanting To Sell? We'll Buy It

Ways You Can Sell With Grantham's

Quick Sell

If you're looking for quick cash and an instant cash buyer then contact us we can transfer you money over today - no hassle.

We Sell For You

Struggling to sell your caravan but want good money for it? We can sell your motorhome for you.

Part Exchange

Seen a motorhome you like and would like to use the assets you have to go towards the cost of a new one? Then part exchange your vehicle today.

Get a Free motorhome Valuation Today

This form is for the sole purpose of providing you with a valuation for your motorhome. We do not pass any of data your data to any third parties.

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    Is it really a free valuation?

    Yes, give it a go. Feel free to enquire through the contact form or give us a call. We will provide you with an honest valuation of your motorhome, so you can then make a considered decision on what you would like to do with it. 

    Why should I value my motorhome?

    There are many benefits on why you should get a motorhome valuation depending on what your intentions are.

    If you’re looking to sell you can see how much you could get for it. 

    And if you’re looking to buy a motorhome you can see if you’re paying the right price and not paying over the odds.

    Will I get more for my money with my motorhome accessories?

    Motorhome accessories such as an awning doesn’t make your motorhome more valuable. However, it does make it more saleable.

    Although, added specification such as solar panels, external BBQ point, external electrics etc. can all increase the value of your motorhome.

    If I sell my motorhome can you collect?

    The answer to this question would usually be a no, however, in certain circumstances we would accept collecting you vehicle depending on location. 

    What Other Factors Determine My Valuation Price?

    There are several factors when providing a valuation.

    Like a car, a valuation depends on the make, model, age, mileage and condition on the vehicle. 

    The habitation side also then depends on the age, motorhomes manufacturer, motorhomes model, specification and overall condition. 

    Our valuation is based on if the motorhome is in good working order for a vehicle of its age. So if your motorhome has damage to it we can only provide an accurate valuation if you provide us photos alongside the relevant information. If this does apply to you please email [email protected] 

    Is The Price You Give The Price I'll Get?

    This depends on what price. We can send you two prices on every valuation. The trade price is what we and other dealers would buy your motorhome for. Although, depending on the vehicle we do tend to bid higher if it is a motorhome we want. 

    The retail price is what your motorhome is worth if you should retail it but no guarantee on if you will get that price as it depends on if you find the right buyer.

    But again this also depends on if you provide all the details needed to provide a reliable valuation e.g make sure that you specify any damages.

    How Do You Provide A Valuation?

    We have an experienced team of valuators who have been in the industry for over 25 years working in many different dealerships as well as motorhome manufacturers. 

    We gather all the information we need to provide you with an accurate valuation and do our research to understand the market conditions and price point for your motorhome. 

    How long does it take to get my valuation?

    Unlike caravans, motorhomes requires a little more time to get you an accurate valuation. 

    Caravans are almost instantly due to the nature of the vehicle. However, motorhomes have a lot more factors to consider including mileage. 

    We aim to get back to you within 24 – 48 hours of you submitting the valuation.

    Should I Sell Privately Or To A Dealership?

    There are pros and cons to selling privately or with a dealership. 

    The pros for selling privately is that you can get more money for your asset although it is more hassle to do so. You have to advertise it, deal with the enquiries and handover the vehicle to the new owner. Selling privately can sometimes also be a security issue as most of the time you are inviting people to your home to view your asset. 

    Selling it to a dealership is hassle-free, as it is just a case of agreeing a price and then dropping the van off with the funds in your bank quickly. Although, dealerships have to make money so you won’t get the full amount you could get for you motorhome. 

    Will I need to bring the motorhome in to value?

    No. We can provide you a valuation just with the information we ask on our valuation form. 

    Although, if your motorhome is badly damaged or suffers from damp then we will either need you to bring it in or we will ask for images so we can provide an accurate valuation.