What Year Is My Caravan?

How Old Is My Caravan

Have you bought a caravan and forgot what the year of it is and can’t seem to find any reference anywhere? Or maybe you’re looking to buy one but want to double check that it is the correct year. Well look no further, we can work it out with this simple guide. Why should you […]

We Are Pleased To Announce Our New Rebrand

New Look Symbolises Exciting Changes In June 2021, after more than 27 years as a renowned caravan dealership, Grantham Caravans Ltd joined forces with CaravansUK to create a unique retail environment for outdoor leisure. Our plans to expand and diversify our premises and product range are well under way, including motorhome sales and hire, new ranges of caravans and leisure accessories, plus much […]

Is It Finally The End Of Lunar Caravans? How Could It Affect Me?

Lunar caravans have been manufacturing caravans for over 50 years and have provided us with some of the most beautiful caravans in the market. There has been a lot of speculation with what is happening with Lunar caravans. Are they still operating? Are they not? Well, the speculation started when Lunar went into administration back […]