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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Caravan?

Are you on the look out for a caravan but not sure when you should buy one? The answer to this question really depends… It depends on a few factors; is it a new caravan with a future build date? Is it a used caravan or is it a new caravan that is now out of season and has been in stock for a while?

We’ll go through each one of these to help you decide when it is the best time for you to buy.

Broadly speaking, when is the best time to buy a caravan?

Generally, the best time to buy a caravan is in November & December. Why is this? Well, caravan dealers are very much a seasonal business and make very little in the winter. Not only this but if the dealer has a lot of stock on their forecourts, these vehicles may be financed, so each month they are being charged for holding the stock, so the good news for you is that they are more obliged to provide a better discount to mitigate the outgoing costs of the dealership.

Here are just some of the reasons why November and December is the best time to buy…

1. Bigger Discounts In The Winter – As mentioned, with stock on the forecourts and little cash coming in at this time for dealers, it is the best time to get a discount.

2. Be Season Ready – If you want to guarantee that you’ll have a vehicle before the spring or summer holidays then the best thing to do is buy early. So November and December is the perfect time to make sure you beat the rush and have a van ready before the season starts.

3. More Choice – At this time of year, the forecourts are full of not only bargains but choice. In November & December, part exchanges start to filter through on to the forecourts as well as the brand new demonstrator vans sent from the factory, but there is also likely to be brand new end of season caravans on the forecourt with hefty discounts on too. So there is likely to be a lot choice.

4. Time To Browse / Nicer Shopping Experience – With all of these caravans on display at this time of the year it is also quiet on the forecourts with customers, so it is the perfect time to browse without the hustle and bustle of trying to compete with other customers.

Buying Experience

When Is The Best Time To Buy a New Caravan?

The caravans season starts September – August. So all of the new caravan demonstrators for the new season starts hitting the forecourts from September onwards.

Availability – If you’re driven by availability and getting in early with the newest model then September & October is the perfect time to make sure you secure an early build slot with the manufacturer for the new year. The earlier you buy, you’re increasing your chances of having a caravan before the Easter break.

Pricing – If it’s a deal you’re looking for then there are a few periods throughout the year when a good deal is to be had. If you’re looking at a brand new model then the October and February NEC show in Birmingham is a great time to get a good deal, as this is the time where not only is the dealer obliged to offer a deal but also the manufacturer.

There is also end of season stock. From August onwards you can expect price slashes on brand new caravans that are out of season to try to sell them before the new models for the new season start to be delivered from the factory. But as we’ve mentioned above November & December you can expect even better deals.

Caravan NEC Show in Birmingham

When Is The Best Time To Buy a Used Caravan?

With used caravans the popular time to buy is March to August but getting the best price doesn’t tend to be in the popular periods. Just think about holidays. Summer holidays abroad in August are always more expensive than holidays in November. Why? Demand.

So it will come to no surprise to you when we tell you that if you plan to buy a used caravan around October, November and December, you will get a better deal. There is the odd used caravan that is discounted between March – August, this is likely because that particular caravan has been in stock for a while and a dealer would discount it to move it along as it maybe holding up cash.

When to buy a used caravan

So in short, when is the best time to buy? We would recommend November and December, not only to get a good deal but also to better your chances to get a caravan ready for the new year. However, like everything it all depends on your personal circumstances. Even though the deals maybe better this time of year, your personal finances may not be with it being so close to Christmas. So the best time to buy a caravan is when you’re ready.

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